Connie Clark

Decorative Art

The following are Packets for Painting on Screen. Each packet contains instructions, colour photo, 8 1/2 by 11 colour sheet, backing and 8 x10 piece of fiberglass screen. A complete project in a packet all you have to add is the frame

Birdhouse Project Packet $10.00cdn

Lighthouse B Project Packet $10.00cdn

Fall Screen Painting Project Packet $10.00cdn

Traditional Style Screenpainting Project Packet $10.00cdn

Screen Door Series

Out Granny's Back Door

This is the first design in the screen door series. All of the designs are for sale . Out Granny's Back Door Cost $10.00

Garden Path

Garden Path Packet $10.00 The screen door has been designed with a removable screen for ease of painting as well as making the screen inserts interchangable if you wish to change the design for the seasons.The door was designed to be used on a cabinet for a door but is a lovely standalone piece. The design may also be enlarged to fit a full size door.

Christmas Eve Screen Painting

Grass is always greener

Grass is always greener packet $8.98

Daisy Lane

Daisy Lane Packet $8.98